Morning Strap-Heads. Am in action on the ground in Basel at the mo' so cant say too, too much. However things got a little bit more exciting in the watch arena yesterday. At last people are taking my suggestions seriously. New colour dials and straps for Day-Dates at Rolex were the days highlight for me. Really chic little colour/tone compositions contrived to make retro style statements. Just the job for forward-thinking, retro-looking style merchants, no?

Chocolate, Rose gold with Rodium face, perfect with an espresso.

The traditional 36mm size case for this watch far too small for some Alpha delusionalists, but I'm loving that proportion. Really appropriate and cool looking with a suit, as opposed to massive macho Naughties nonsense. Scrawled notes say they're about £14.7k, but Ill check and come back, perhaps.

Cherry face, rose case and Bordeaux strap: dolce-kettle.

The little schemes Rolex are working are smashing. Peoples Roley select is so, so boring. A black Sub, a blue/red Pepsi GMT or a dull retro Date Just from your birth year: totes yawn-kettles. These fellas are the antidote, believe me. Green face and strap with 18ct yellow, or cognac strap with sunray finish. Lovely. Or, blue face and chocolate strap with blue croc strap and cherry with cherry face/bordeaux strap in white 18ct. Then there's double Seventies looking affairs in rose 18ct gold chocolate strap and Rodium face. Actually this talk is making  one rather peckish. Fancy some Rodium spread on toast before I hit the fair. Or a nice cognac croissant. Am off to the press centre to get on it.

Stubbs out.

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