Morning Collar-Fixationalists. Doing this film star fella later in week, amongst other things. Got plenty of good suit angles lined up, shoes will be covered off, but shirts are so, so tricky when you're not getting them made. Short fix collars can be an issue, especially when you've been getting exactly what you wanted for a while. Did I mention am into pointed, closed, spear-like collars? This one is from shirt maker Sean O'Flynn of Sackville Street (click). Going to meet him soon.

There's also my very own shirt counsellor, Mr.  Masood at Emmett, who's urging me to go wider, go longer with a Corleone style collar. Might do Nash, might do. Its 9.6cm longs this option and looks pretty, pretty long. Interesting that in collar scene, cms make all the difference, you cant even talk about them in inches really. A five or six inch collar is actually quite massive. Still, in the short term, this is all quite hack-er-demic.

For now the issue is how does one approach collar style in the short shirt time. Let ya know if find anything. The Lido is probably not the best place to look either.

Stubbs out.