Evening Horo-Scrutineers. "Had to get the train, from Potzdamer Platz. You never knew that, that I could do that." Well, I didn't have to get the tram to Messeplatz, walked it in the sun, but thanks for the backdrop in the head music, David (click). Also, am in Basel, not Berlin, as zi Basel World 2013 festival nearly opens today, fittingly in Basel. It's tomorrow officially, but you know watch fiends just can't get enough of it. Talking of which, can't get enough of my new Basel digs. Its a chic, pared down glamour/cosy bunker near the river. Loving the concrete walls. Materials might just be the thing this week.

I'd love to see some marble watches for men and some precious stone. Why arent Bulgari doing marble kettles? I demand to know. Saw some slate-face action at Harry Winston. Liked the slate. Its called the Monochrome Midnight. This is almost right on the money. Almost.

Slate of the art from Harry.

Not favourite watch of the day, but like the idea of concentrating on ornamentation, not complications for the sake of it. Tourbillon free. Although Bulgari did manage to set one suitably. More of that later perhaps. Till then, get in Dave's melancholic 'Where Are We Now?', I just can't stop.

Stubbs out.