Morning Silk-Freaks. Wonder if there are any of you lot left visiting here after such woeful neglect? Would totes understand if you'd packed me in for The Shortarialist or A Suitablesnoredrobe; at least those guys are regular. On the subject of which, am back from India. Dont wish to bang on like some amateur traveller who's gone all deep, but love India and love the people. God's Own Country is the correct moniker for that place. Which god? Take your pick, they've got 'em all out there. I believe Italy fancy that title, but sadly Indians beat Italians hands down on the elegance factor. Talking manners not mannequins, truly the spiritual measure of a people. Regarding hand-ker-chiefs down, The Croissant, as debuted on Style&Error (click) is in FT How To Spend It today in my column The Sharpener (click). Buy the mag, its so much better-looking actually in your hands. Here's a Tom Ford square we didn't run.

There's also my feature on made-to-measure, but not got time to bang on about that am afraid. Those that have stayed on board, its been a long time, I shouldn't have left you. Will drop something worth while on here soon, I swear. Till then, keep your pockets pastried-up, men.

Stubbs out.

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