Morning Culture Free-basers. BBC Radio 3 wake you up with Berlioz' Les Franc Juge Overture. You think, core that's lovely, then the blighters hit you with more (click). Loving Hectors hair, no? Sort of Hugo Boss campaign circa 1987.

Hector's campaign hair.

Then comes Heitor Villa Lobos Bachiana Brasiliera No.5, 1st movement for sopranos and cellos (the cantilena bit). That really did it for me this morning, thats why I'm writing this not my column. This plus the morning sunshine is a sublime fix that nearly induces tears.  You know it cannot last. Delightful though. Brazilian Villa Lobos used to drop a bit of a look and loved a cigar. What a composer combo.

Heitor Villa Lobos celebrates Brazils Victory over Denmark last year.

The best video of this piece has a pastiche of religious status to accompany it, not significant, but better than an album cover with the wrong words on it that I found. Had to play it. Take it away Heitor.

Super busy, so suck up Saturdays sun through a tube made from the foil of this music. See you on the other side of the noon, and remember, don't hate the player, hate the drain.

Stubbs out.

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