Morning Cut-Fiends. I put this lovely check affair in The Sharpener (click). Its one of Pal Zileris 'Z line' sports jacket, £1089. They're dead special. Try one on - you're sucked in. They're elegant, light, low-key and lux. Must be getting old/straighter but do I love these jackets. The cut is so devastatingly understated is almost stealth leery out the other side. Brilliant work. Mustard tailoring skills team Zileri. It doesn't stop there.

Pal Zileri Z Line'

The fabric is very interesting stuff to handle and wear. A result of the collaboration between Pal Zileri and the famous woolmaker E. Thomas. A mill founded by Ernesto Thomas in 1920 who Zileri have always paled about with for years. Set in Lugano, the factory is in Northern Italy, and the family from English descent (still the original lot after 90 years) have always experimented with takes on what they'd consider traditional fabrics, combining them with new techniques and blends. I love it when the Italians do this 'English look'. They're so much better at it than us much of the time. This one is 43 per cent wool, 32 per cent silk and 25 per cent linen. What a mix. The real English dresser blokes they're emulating walk around with moth holes and patches in their stodgy Harris Tweeds. Comparing it to this gossamer yet gutsy fabric creation is quite amusing.

The shot in the mag was with white shirt, but I'm treating you to the navy tie set. Breaking news, literally, is that Pal Zileri and Bang&Olufsen are doing a collaboration Japanese textile designer HOSOO. Not even gonna E.Lude to what that might look like right now. Too, too busy. Matey off the box, a film star and some more luxury reporting are the orders of the week.

Stubbs is right out in The Metropolis.

PS. Remember the DJ Pal Joey? Me too. This is the film from where he took his name, with Frank in the lead. Gentle DB three piece shawl collar evening suit. Nice one Pal, like it.

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