Evening Diary-Polishers. Back from Basel and had to hit the ground styling. Here's a brief report from the watch fest' however, as feel mildly compelled to bang on about stylistic merits of square watches. Considerably more attracted to them and not certain why. Maybe cause they're more like wrist mounted clocks and less like strap on instruments. Grander, more architectural, less tool-like perhaps. There are a number from the show to show. Double keen on the Big Date Uno by de Grisogono (click). Owner Fawaz Gruosi himself was manning his stand, blazing away, fag in hand. The man's got a big date persona.

de Grisog' - Big Ups.

Despite his permanently smouldering look, he still got a complaint while smoking in tandem with Earl Foulkes. I admire international rule flouting in the name of high jewellery, so I cant think what the problem was with the team at Harpers or whoever it was. Being a friend of the stars, as Fawaz clearly is, one occasionally needs to smoke indoors, I can concur. Anyway, this piece has the biggest date display of any watch. Maybe it should be call Biggest Date? Is a right old leary statement piece, obviously, but still a fan of it. Probably wouldnt get it robbed even round here in Clapton, as no-one would imagine it was a real lump of gold that shape/design.

If Fawaz a jeweller...

I've got a big date round here already. Am prepping my final fitting with my new film star fella this morning live from Lavinia Villa, so cant bang on at length. I expect you're relieved. Putting on a little spread in case he gets peckish. Its hard to know what film stars are used to for brunch. Got some nice little olives and a big spicy Italian Salami. Let ya know, and what we end up wearing/eating. Tell ya what though, the de Grisog' gift candle's coming in well handy for efforts to make the place more presentable, even if they have got smaller since last year. Nice one Fawaz, thanks awfully. Smoking? I'm freebasing the stuff at my desk. 'Till then, keep it square, keep it gold, keep it big and never give up.

Stubbs out.

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