Afternoon Footwear Enthusiasts. While researching footwear story I stumbled upon these. They're by Alberto Moretti (click). Dead keen on them. The execution, the colour and the way tromp l'oeil works so well on a shoe. Cant verify if the design is tattooed on or stitched. Let ya know. Maybe its neither.

Because I am on a pressing deadline, I have been looking at other uses of trompe l'oeil in art and life and all that, and clothing is easily the best. Moschino are masters of it. Anyway, really into Morettis work for a specific slipper/loafer type of shoe idea. Looking for lightness in shoes right now. Thats it. Oh, go on then, here's one more from Moretti's SS13 collection. They're not all this lighthearted, but many are light.

Stubbs out.

PS. Breaking news: The trompe l'oeil is done by hand using a laser. Who'd have thought it? Its all about light in the end.

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