Afternoon Weeekend Style-Merchants. This cream shirt and bow tie are from Budd (click). Budd are getting a visit. Cream is giving ivory a run for its money on the non-white shirt stakes. Just found a smashing rich cream mesh/woven front dinner shirt for a client and it looked so, so much better with Midnight blue than the proscribed white. White is for waiters. White is for crooners like Buble. Willis say ivory, she also says cream. Piombo says cream. Budd are saying Cream. Get involved in the non-white scene. No such thing as Creme-Buble.

I was surprised by the fit of this shirt. It's pretty good, pretty contemporary (click). Ignore my poor picture, I had one arm out in front of me. The wider placket and spread collar combined with slightly high collar-stand make a pert setting for a the Budd bow tie. I've never worn a bow tie except for with evening wear. As am on deadline, am finding this whole scene very distracting, including tying the self-tie bow. Cream shirts interesting? This one just caused me to do a whole, large, white Green&Blacks.

Loving this little chocolate brown polka dot thistle-style guy found on Budd's site (click). Nice no? Tempting. Might have to investigate. But not today. Green&Blacks are gonna do a tie collab' with Drakes you know?

Stubbs is back out, on deadline, on way to back to The Turkish.