Evening Tactile-Tacticians. Luxury desktop spivving of a Tuesday night is what I'm all about, believe it. What do you want, ties? Ties. Ties, yeah? How about Drake's (click) bold check numbers in lovely cashmere blend and crafty colour schemes, at £95 a knot?

Drakes City Rollers.

Those aren't even on the site yet. The Luxury Missus cast aspersions on these fellas, calling them Bay City Rollers ties. She's wrong, but it's still rocked my plans of debuting it tonight along with some vivid golden/green chinos and a my new Pal Zileri Viaggiatore DB blazer. Regardless, can I interest you in something rustic to go with the tie sir? Cashmere blend sports jacket from Holland&Holland perhaps? I can let you in on this one for £1, 500. Never mind the throat fastening, feel the compression on that.

Holland&Holland sportswear. Nike, they're coming for you.

Kettle wise am in a process of discovery with this Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT guy. Really like the look of Jaquets (click) work for 2013, and this fella is challenging all sorts of convention, but quietly. More from that when my watch agent Andre de Trichateau brings me right up to speed on the matter. Missed that appointment at The Basel, now have deep, deep regrets. Can't get Jaquet out of my head...

Jaquet Droz GMT.

Matey off The Telly's 40th bash tonight- outfit updates to follow, but first must visit Anderson&Sheppard and The Connaught Hotel for utterly pressing sartorial/luxury issues. Will have some to share, am sure. So, did you wanna buy the tie then? £85 for cash, or any three for £235. Keep shifting, shifting, shifting, keep shifting, shifting...

Stubbs out.

Jackie, would you be so kind darlink...