Morning Kettle-Fanciers. This is not a blog post. Just wanted to say love the Jaeger le Coultre Deep Sea Memovox 'Tribute' kettle (click)*. So much more to say about it, but the Duchess of Dundee will have my internal rotating alarm indicator for a garter fastening of some description if I dont file something shortly. Set your internal countdown to that, clock-watchers. Alarmed?

Jaeger le Coultre Deep Sea Tribute

I'm under nearly 10 bar of deadline pressure here. This 2011 watch was tribute to the 1959 version that connoisseurs and style merchants alike go berserk for, convex Plexiglas and all. Infernal rotations, now thats what I'm talking about. Arent Jaeger just always in the top five, nay top three, manufacturers for chic, non?

Stubbs out.

* Such bad dancing/snarling. Really bad styling/video. Song surprising pass-able.

NB. This whole franchise is not based on a pun on the word trial. Really it isn't.