Afternoon Skip-Fanciers. Done a whole batch of research and I tell you what, checks and tweeds are gonna blow your beards clean off for AW13. They're everywhere and in some impeccably good styles too. Dont know if got time to go on, shall elaborate later perhaps, but for now, look what that Tom Ford fellow is up to. Just when you think you know where he is, he takes it back a bit further (click). Lovely, isn't it?

Tom Ford AW13

Sports jackets, tweed, checks, its all about to happen for AW13. Makes you never wanna wear flat, pedestrian, straight stuff again. Give me the heft, the texture and the pattern from now on, man. These fabrics were last big in The Seventies, but Ford's almost pushed this back to The Sixties. Doing a little analysis right now. Forget the now, and listen to this instead. Was on Radio 3's Late Junction from 16th, Nick Luscombe was DJing. I've been killing the show over and over on iPlayer last night while I was fabric researching. You've got nine hours from now to go there. Go there, I implore you (click). This is Tim Buckley- Sweet Surrender.

Its from the 1972 album Greetings from LA. Wear Tom Fords checks and tweeds, listen in and pour yourself a nice Gavi de Gavi, maybe burn a Splendido for me.

Stubbs out.

PS. I'm not kidding about that Late Junction. Its brilliant