Morning Style-Consumers. Imagine if style came in jars that you spread on toast, just like jam. Have I woken up thinking about jam, again? That's rather telling. Regardless, working on some design research late idea last night and remembered how much I liked the old Boucheron logo that was shown in Basel last week. Ah, Basel, the Luxury Missus and I will always have Basel..The Rhine in the morning etc...Anyway, loved the logo with the champagne cork outline and the lettering. Its interesting, witty, readable, evocative, off centre, elegant and unique. I'd take any three of those right now in the piece am 'writing'. Gonna ask when its from exactly as I forgot. Where is this going, I forget?

Then there's this Boucheron vintage dress watch. Delightful watch, awful image, non? Am so into the numeric layout. Three numbers in two pairs of straight rows. It's like the whole watch is in denial that the hands go round and round. Very chic. Very Parisian. Finding out all about this guy, including its name. The way the strap fastened is a Boucheron invention. Quite why watch makers are operating nowhere near this sort of styling is beyond me. Look at the strap and the case shape for gods sake. Amazing. Anyway, it seems Monsieur Frederick Boucheron was a massive romantic apparently and would bring his Missus pansies every week with a hand penned note.

We dont know what the notes said though do we? Could just say stuff  like "Put a couple of Francs on the electric metre darling, and see if my strides are ready, yeah? Am going down Le Verde Homme, see ya later, bonsoir", couldn't they? Anyway, back to the matter in hand: Jam..

Stubbs out.