Morning Eye-Claudiusus. Following yesterdays theme of peaked-too-early Spring clouds, here's a pair of black bins by Moscot (click). Am a fan, and there's my silver bin-liner. Wear black on the outside, cause black is how I feel stuck in the inside.

Beaumont in black.

Beaumont and Tanner styles particularly good. The Moscot story is jolly heartening. Hyman Moscot arrived on Ellis Island in 1899. He began banging out ready made bins from a handcart on Orchart Street on Manhattans Lower East Side.  Things went well. By 1915 having amassed a loyal following he opened Moscot's first shop on Rivington Street. They moved to Orchard Street on the corner of Delancey in 1936 where they still are, but might move soon as the building has been sold. Hate it when that happens.

They're doing okay as a chic global brand with three shops in NYC and selling all over the place. They're into their fourth generation of Moscots running the firm, and about to embark on fifth. Bless. Seen 'em in Liberty recently. Dead good. Only one complaint. Too cheap at about £200 a pair. Should be more. Love their logo.

Stubbs out.

PS. Meanwhile, from a beach in The Caribbean... Orlebar's Gray Malin photographic print Bulldogs come out later this month, £225.