WHEN SWELLBOY MET THE SHARPENER Morning Slip-On-Fundamentalists. Had a shufty at The How To Spend It on line today, and lo Swellboy is reflecting lyrically on our chance snaffle-off at the baggage carousel in Basel last month (click).  Nick Foulkes is the esteemed luxury and style writer across many top print publications, also an author and but also delivers occasional on-line enlightenments/musing. Swellboy also styles up a suit with with lively panache. The man writes on luxury with a wealth of historical cross references seeping effortlessly out over stories told with deft lyric and rhythm of cathedral choir master and bell ringer in tandem ringing several bells. We ran into each other late evening both horse-bited up. The moment is already being labeled The Basel Gucci cluster in certain circles.

Travelling light, Swiss style.

He saw his first pair while under the spires of Hertford College Oxford. Mine I spied outside Archway Tower. A suitable metaphor is never far away. Transfixed by the horse-bits at first sight is one experience we share in totality.

Nick tells it better than me, so read his account. Spotted a grey blue Weimaraner  colour pair (click) on Mr.Porter the other night. Now these these guys too (click). I'm supposed to be up next on HTSI site so better pull my horse-bit out and start ringing.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.