Morning Style Mongers.  I wait for one magazine with serious anticipation, and one only. It's simply the most stylish men's style mag going. There's only two a year. With a super-international feel, lovely, relaxed, mature, stylish layouts surrounded by brilliantly delivered photo-shoots, its a double-well accomplished and edited affair. It features all the best designers too darlink.. And, despite officially being 'Paris' Vogue, editions come in English. With the best photographers working with top stylists doing well conceived editorial, Paris Vogue Homme International (click) is quite 'fashion' in places, but its got a right to be with a name like. It styles on regardless.

Cubal Libre - Glen Luchford's main fashion styled by Anastasia Barbieri.

The Luchford shoot is excellent, worth entrance fee alone. Reminds me of a shoot we did called The Cleaner, which was about a hit-man who worked as an office cleaner. He dressed like this. Think the look works better in Cuba on reflection. Meanwhile, there's stuff for all true style merchants inside. A watch shoot theme of criminal restraint is quite a departure from normal watch coverage for example. Tres Bon-dage.


The Solvo Sundsbo (click)/Jarrod Scott cover (below) and shoot is full on fash' shoot style: The poses, the light, the pubes.  If you look you can see the top half of his muff. Don't let the 'racy' cover fool you, although homo-erotic is a part of the equation, only to a healthy fashion level, which is of course fine/to be expected.

The new copy is brilliant. Am getting right involved where possible. Go have a flick through if you think you like a bit of man-style. Aside from that, they've a piece on non-conformists such as Mohammad Ali, JFK & Ai Wei Wei. Should have gone for 'Ai Ai -Saveloy' for the title, but still. They've even got something on Gucci snaffle loafers in there*.

Stubbs out.

*though is perfunctory compared to Foulkes recent takes on the matter.

Handling a cock - Cuban style.