Afternoon Loafer-Idlers. The summers only bloody come and snuck up on us this morning. Maybe briefly, but I'm peddling Lido forthwith. Make haste outside while it lasts, idlers (click). Reminds me I need to visit Frattelli Rossetti and get a pair of these guys: the re-issued 'Yacht' loafer. Too, too nice to miss. "I think quite alot as I stare at my shoes about all these things that I put myself through"

Frat' Ross' Yacht loafers

Brother Renzo Rossetti invented this the first 'no sock' shoe in The Seventies, with a towelling lining instead of leather. The new one for SS13 style still has the breathable green towelling lining. They also come in red/off white as well. Am going for blue though, as I reckon Popes and tap dancers aside, it could be bad form for man to own more than three pairs of red shoes, no? Two-tone however, I could take any amount of. Cant beat it: The atmosphere when the guitar-then horns first kick in never bettered, you just wanna be in there- even at the time, when I was 12. Holden- this ones for you...

Stubbs out.

They're The Beat, not The English Beat btw. Too two two-tone.