Morning Style Mongers. Too stressed to procrastinate properly, but here goes. Attempting to style this Hardy Amies blazer from last Summer (click) for a look for the forth-coming London Collections:Men. Its a silk/wool/linen basket weave with gold buttons. Lovely it is. Gave it a debut the other night with Massey Inc. outside The Scotts. Teamed with quite vivid sage green chinos from Paul Smith, a pink shirt from Emmett, the 1953 Gucci snaffles and a drizzle of gold jewellery; the colour was gratifying and correctly cheeky, as I was aiming at the 'camp oligarch on a mini-break' stance. Colour good, collar bad -it kept unilaterally escaping like a drunk Scouse uncle at a wedding. The trousers addition was a positive however.

Hardly Trousers SS12.

Chocolate could also work I thought, but the collar issue is an issue. Waiting for a batch of new Emmetts compositions to arrive, but the LCM thing kicks off Sunday morning, so need to start back up proceedings. What do we think of this Sandro knit underneath? Its rather ' Velvet Underground in the Riviera', no?  Its off The Mr.Porter. Could drag them out to Clapton again, couldn't I?  Been using them for Matey Off The Telly, and despite my sniffy reservations about tone of the thing, the whole system works ever so well, I have to concede.

Sandro cotton knit- Lou in the Riviera.

He's only bleedin' well opening LCM proceedings on Sunday morning before the Lou Dalton show. Have that! 'More involved in fashion'? Careful what you wish for. You'll be stood in the very epicentre of global style&fashion come Sunday morning my friend. What to wear for a nice 'left-of-epicentre' look, that's the question on everyones lips round here. That and the issue of asymmetric shed roof styling.

Stubbs out (on the patio).