Morning Buttonhole Botherers. Big wedding today. Really big. So big it's eclipsed Milan Fashion Week. Well, nearly. Not going out for day one for the first time in donkeys. Not madly bothered as LCM stripped out a biggy or two, and it's all about the appointments these days for an old fella like me. Meanwhile, weddings are the only time I'd really think about adorning my button hole. Got white out the back and yellow round the front. What do you reckon? Three-piece mid blue Thom Sweeney suit and off white/cream shirt with closed collar from Emmett. Willis tie. A familiar family combo.

Seen the latest copy of The Rake? Literally a button in every hole. Berserk flower carpet bombing, wit aprox 48 in issue, but too busy to count properly. Its like they got made compulsory. Maybe they did. Anyway, the wedding is massive. Big church, de Beauvoir square, a barge down the Thames to The Savoy, then apparently Chas&Dave have reformed for the night, no word of a lie. Obviously shall report in.

Stubbs out.

NB. Hate the word Boutonnière. Its disgusting.

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