Afternoon Sartorial Enthusiasts. Yesterday was third and final day of London Collections: Men, and it was great, thanks. We knew it was going well, but Burberry's grand show in the Perk Fields of Kensington Gardens marked the moment that LCM properly found itself as the serious internation force its been aiming towards. Double style fact. Nous sommes arrives, as they say in nearby Holland Park.

Burbs in the Park: its coming home, its coming home etc.

It was a pleasant, sensitive show too. Lovely colours, soft, and with very attractive shirt colour and texture. Will analyse this maybe, but can't now. For a moment in the afternoon warmth, all was good in the London style world, like a village green with champagne and a cigar pinched from Jimmy Choo's press display. Just like that in fact.

Savile Row & St. James at Lords was also a British style/LCM moment of note.  This fella's in Gieves & Hawkes.

And this double breasted is Holland&Holland. Had to crop horrid rucksack pillock out of shot. Don't you just hate those horrid rucksack pillocks (RHPs)? Lords is an absolutely magnificent building. Gandy's putting together a cricket team. If this is how its gonna be, count me in. I'm looking at boxes on ebay later today, for now..

Cosh, under, etc.

Stubbs out.