Morning Style Merchants. Had an epiphany late on Monday during a really rather silly show, and thus resolved to edit out anything that wouldn't work for me or my target fellow. As a consequence had the best, most sartorially elegant day imaginable yesterday at London Collections: Tailoring. This is Nick Tentis' Riviera Rude Boys. I am not a number, mate- We're on holiday in Port Fino' look. A clipped and neat scene at Cafe Royal.

Loads happened. Will report when can. There's a two way split down LCM. Its interesting. Blokes who are interested in tailoring, outwear nice bits, generally looking sharp and on it, and on the other side those who're into overtly  'designer' fashion with perceived creativity as the critical element. Both mindsets have validity, but only one has any good clothes to actually wear.

Stubbs out.