Morning Style Aficiandettorios. Just back from Milan, with much to parlare about. Gonna take a while to articulate properly, so thought would start with my balcony, an ideal place to make an address from. I've mentioned the The Sanpi Hotel before. This time stayed in the only balcony room they've got. Room 135, The Presidential suit. Shweet!

It's actually only one basic room with a bathroom and a wardrobe, but it did have old French windows with ancient wooden shutters that slide from within the wall. I had to write stuff while was away, and sitting at a small table in the sun coming through those was absolutely lovely. Looking right down Via Ludovico Settala, just over the tram lines, I could see the entrance of my beloved Giardini Pubblici, where I managed to run in three out of three days. Priorities, eh? The hotel doesnt even really look or feel like this sort of architecture, this is a building they're sort of grown into. Anyway, enjoyed the vecchio mondo-ness of the balcony so, so much. Planned to drape Pucci pocket square over the rail like a tiny banner, then photograph. Never had the chance in the end. Anyway, on to style and fashion comment shortly..

Stubbs out.