Morning Tessellation Enthusiasts. Got my patio down, please excuse the scant postings. Actually, postings are always scant these days. Have had my flag stones laid rather like this ceramic strap on the Panerai Tuttonero. Well, similar at least.

Panerai - All gone black.

Am also writing about various watch stories, including one on the new-ish black watch trend. The Panerai's from last year, and I'm a fan. There's two new ones to report on. They're very good looking. This is 'black' riven sandstone. Tenuous? You should have seen what I was gonna write.

Fifteen minutes with you.

Thinking about it, Harry Winston's Midnight Monochrome might have laid down nicely in this story too. It's in my edit. Might cheekily break my own press umbongo's (click) on these: 'The Dark Side of the Moon' Speedmaster from Omega, and the TAG Heuer Calibre 12 Monaco ACM in Black.

Harry Winston Midnight Monochrome-avoids slating by press.

Might not. Someone from the ministry for watch propaganda might come right over and slap me on the patio. Mozztradamus, Is that you?

Stubbs out.