Morning Cutty Rankers (click). Saw significant RTW tailoring developments at LC:M. One of the best bespoke tailors in the world, Thom Sweeney, I might have mentioned them before, is doing RTW for SS14. The boys showed it on Monday and it looks knock out. The best fabric counsellors in the business, with their striking, handsome house silhouette/stance are now gonna offer us their look straight off the rail. Hold damn tight.

Dressier looks like above have got a slightly bigger lapel, making the thing look so ballsy-alpha-strong in my opinion I want 100% in (did anyway ). Then there are shirts with closed collars (fancy that) to go with, all presented in these tight colour schemes they're rolling with- the schemes! the schemes! ..are excellent and restrained. Was even envious, as turned up that day looking so colourful/matchy, like half of a civil ceremony in Essex (click) - note Essex other half. Then there's a whole roster that would work as their suit and separates in more lounge suit/day ensembles. Loro Piana jackets from £1300, others from £900. Absolutely delightful fabrics. Bravi, men.

I've got a newspaper exclusive on this story, but I notice all the bloody web sites are writing about it, so blow my own Umbongo, am letting you know now. No official images yet, just these off my iBone, apologies for the roughness.

Anyway, the stuff looked amazing. This is a mens style moment- trust me. The rail, the fabrics, the cut, the boys, mood they've managed to nail, the lot: this is big news. Thom and Luke are the most savvy stylist/tailors I know of when it comes to an international blend of fabric and trad' cuts. They give wearer presence, sartorial clout and a slight edge. Congratulations men. Thom Sweeney are gonna open another shop nearby to current Mayfair HQ to vend the stuff, and they might well end up on that mens style vending web site everyones talking about. Was that umbongoed too? Whoops.

Stubbs out.

(Original TS/The Sharpener)