Morning Style Inmates. Most favourite item of clobber bar none right now is my Sunspel black marl loopback sweat shirt (click). Some call it Melange, I call mine sweat-heart, either way I love that guy too much to even wash it at the moment. I trudge round the exercise yard (the patio) with it on till it gets too hot, then shoulder it up. Just look at the thing- a cross between luxury prison garb and vintage sci-fi sportswear. Rare style, no?

Sunspel black melange loopy sweat.

Think I like it best with a smart, neat, navy pant.  Ask Holden. He dug it well last Friday night when we all nearly got egged down The Russett off Hackney Downs. Did I mention that? Egging. Did I mention Jonathon Morse at school ever? The most brutal egg merchant this side of the Chew River? He got his. In the end. Egging. How very retro! Talking of retro, this post name reminds me of a song called The Black Whip, reworked by Chapter & The Verse.

Fellas, take it away, I bet you thought I'd never sling this. "Shout out to Ivan Boogaloo Jones", who not only wrote the riff, but this, Sweetback (click). The Black Whip was on Rebirth of The Cool II (click).

Stubbs out.

NB. The political reference might well put a date on this one if you listen. £25 for a cd. Whatever next? The sweats only £95.  Sweet.