Morning Factor Shoe Fanatics. 'Italians Do It Better' with hot weather shoes today in my The Sharpener column in How To Spend It, well, mainly Italians. Buy the magazine, my Mum is, don't fail to get involved. London's weather brief fits the bill nicely, dash out on the patio, espresso up and dive in. Just dashed so quick spiked self on (displaced) shed and spilt some coffee on my Speedos. Regardless, here's a couple we didn't run in magazine, and one that we did. Run, walk or dash?

Alberto Guardiani SS13 white lattice Derbys.

Ancient Greek Sandals -'Jason' SS13

Alberto Moretti 'Mille Miglia' penny loafer -SS13

I'd be very happy with those three to get me through a hot, leisurely summer at various paces. Got other guys too, but you're not seeing those. Am back out in it and at it. Suggest you are too.

Stubbs out.