Afternoon Sun Swervers. Been researching a big cufflink opus magnum out here on the Island. Well, a brief banter on the subject at least. In battered hat, coated in Boots Soltan 'Highly Inflammatory Ginger' Factor, and with a high level of freebase Peco'/Davidoff's/Cala in the system, I appear to have drifted off, cufflinks unconquered, face melting.

Not so much Death in Venice, as a Kip in Sardinia. Hence the cufflink opus magnum is far from underway. I did however try the new Mirto flavoured Solero yesterday, a Sardinian special, most treacly. Currently soaking the chest rug in the sea to lift out the residue.

Saw a fully blown ginger on the sea front yesterday. It just wasn't fair to anybody. Don't want to sound like a traitor, but am not sure if gingers should really be out and about in Sardinia. Least of all uncovered. Too, too, incongruous on the colour scheme front. Covering up elegantly is the way forward for the pastey. Talking of which, am considering wearing a cream linen three-piece suit on the beach could be the way forward. Been doing one-piece, short version- with hat that procured on beach, 15€. Gonna build up to vest and coat for last day. Which is today! Shit the (sun) bed, that went quick.

Tomorrow, on way home,  let us consider jewellery and accessorisation on national flags. Here in Sardinia the lads are wearing earrings and slim bandanas. Nice idea. Whole flag design thing might need a styling re-think in light of this. Mixed testimony as to where it comes from locals. More as & quando.

Stubbs out.

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