Morning Procrasto-maniacs. I just cant leave it alone apparently. Nick Luscombe played this on Late Junction last night (click). Best music anywhere all week and perfect late night listening while you work. It's a cover of The Model by Snakefinger. This fella was in The Residents for a bit. Know what he means. This crazy violin actually cheered me up a trifle. Talking of models, I've been sat on this picture of i-Gent superstar Luca Rubinacci for some time. Not sure when to play the 'Mr.Claypole on holiday card', but as it seems to fit with the music so well, here he is. He's plays hard to get, he smiles from time to time.

Rubinacci relaxes by a succulent.

Was gonna Style Ref 'im, but what the point, eh? Am so under cosh with timings and that it's making me awfully anxious. Only writing this to get rid of you lot and limber up.. Go out and do something nice while you're still moderately middle-aged. The Proms start Friday btw. You see, its too late for me. He's playing his game and you can hear them say, you do the Hokey Cokey and you turn around, thats what its all about. Oi!

Stubbs out.

ya put your left leg in..

ya put your right leg out..

knees bend, neck stretch, ra ra ra.