Morning Off-The-Cuffers. One minute one's sat on one's Sardinian patio drinking Cala, eating clams, hailing out different shades of local-lizard with the Luxury Missus, egging the little fellas to change colour from grey, to griege, to terracotta, to lime, to sapphire as they ping about the garden like twitching addicts, then next one's back in Hackney, looking at cufflinks in extreme detail. There are similarities, but never mind the crack-gheckos, how special are these guys?

They're from antique dealer Sandra Cronan's collection (click), and they're cabochon sapphire and platinum with enamel detailing, British from 1925. Blue cabochon lizard eyes set on a deco platinum patio. How beguiling. Talking of which, the Cufflinks Through The Ages book has just arrived by courier. I'm going in deep. The lizards were less than compliant non-chameleons and gave us no colour show btw.  Amongst the clams however we found a rogue cockle. Gotta love a rogue cockle. Gives me an idea for a jewellery collection. More later.

Stubbs out.