Morning Style Merchants. So, a glimpse of Piombo Mondo from Milan last week. The way they throw the trousers from theirs suits over the shoulders of the mannequins is different from elsewhere. Even this sets a new level of style behaviour. When I visited, father and son Massimo and Carlo, were busy vigorously engaging with stylish looking Asian clients. They let me in and let me wander about. I took pictures.

Massimo is an intense, lively, charming fellow with a great head of hair and thick rimmed glasses. He wears a battered canvas drill Piombo jacket with frayed cuffs, collar and patched elbows. This fraying now gets called Frogging. This suggests although the man in immersed in the highest level of luxury fabric and sartorial productions, he's not always that bothered about how things might appear. I think. Of course I could be wrong and it could have been his decorating  jacket, from just before the appointment. Regardless, he said some great stuff in interview. Really inspiring ideas about that much maligned word, luxury. He mentioned to me... actually. Sorry, gotta go out briefly...

..back shortly, gotta pick Mother up from Paddington.

Stubbs out.