Afternoon Cloth-Touchers. As the last of the men's fashion press boarded the EuroStar in Paris, frowning as they pick canapé detritus from their wigs, I was happily plotted at Tendai's Three Little Birds reggae Sunday session at The Russett (click) off Hackney Downs, behind some garages, picking jerk out of my teeth. It was a smashing Summer friendly bash. Means I couldn't possibly talk about what went on in Paris. Milano though, don't get me started.

Visited MP Massimo Piombo, formally Piombo. Unbelievable set up, ethos and product. The fashion houses showing all week would kill for this sort of flair. This lot know a good mill when they see one. Amazing fabrics. Cant do the full stint now, but assert this: MP for president.

Met Piombo, ate tart, was moved. More from this apt later,

Stubbs out.