Afternoon Reale Watchers. While I get my camp on in The Riviera, here's a postcard from the garden last week. Gie'&H' had us there for lunch. Agent Massey scrambled a stiff table of menswear opinionators and style mongers. Lobster in a box in a nice big shoulder-to-shoulder row. What more could you want for lunch. The Afternoon off perhaps?

Bearded Ladies in Waiting, Gilchrist & Rookwood.

Didn't happen for me and I breezed at 2pm to meet Matey Off The Box. I believe they went berserk after I'd gone and got Prince Philip on it with them and everything. Shame to miss.

Front Row- Jason, Bobby & the gang.

Jason Basmajian, Creative Director of the new, suave, international Gieves was the American host for the afternoon. Far right Robert Johnstone (always at The Palace one hears), insiders: Luke Day, big shout. Tall Teo from Esquire, 'ow do?

Anxious of E5- A relaxed moment in the garden.

At last minute went for an off-the-bench shoe substitution that hadn't worn for an age. Not certain were right, even after got the blue green fluff-mould of soles.  The Luxury Missus called them perforated sugar mice. They were Sergio Rossi. She might have been right.  Light oak perforated leather Oxfords, a trifle long. You wince some you loose some. On the subject of correct shoes for a garden party (what I thought I was wearing) all I can add now is the words cheese and orgy.

Stubbs out.