Morning Style Merchants. So damn under the cosh (UTC) forgot to put €50 in the blog meter and the whole thing came down. Who'd have thought? Bleeding me dry this caper. Regardless, cosh remains poised above my Rich Tea shaped bald patch like the garlic hammer of Damocles. That said, most riveting style project of  week (and there's a few) is what am doing with The Balearic Russian later. I've mentioned Mr.Chernin before. You'd like him. For his wedding look am thinking Serpico's Civil Ceremony in Mauritius in The Seventies. Its a sitter, no?

Add a touch of Seventies Row action, with a Sexton flavour, a little like what he did on Mr.Starr, except with baskety/slubby Italian sofa fabric, not checks, jah? Anyway, The B.R. was original Beard Style Mongor No.1 back in the Nineties. Fact. Ask anyone down The Griffin. Fuck Shoreditch Twat (which he co-invented), he owns the beard. So, beard, plus hat, (trust me Rowan) am thinking hat, lovely rich tactile natural hued tailoring, three pieces, wider lap's, beard, lovely bit of Willis raw silk slubby tie action, beads, natural tonal co-respondents, and that should be lovely.

Then we gotta do his matching seed, Jimmy, the same, maybe with just a 'tache though. How hard can that be? Btw, quite like this fella too below. Imagine him with the beard and pith helmet. Who is that guy? Brain not in gear.

Going to visit tall man Charlie at Casely-Hayford at Hostem. Love their MTM offer, proper verve available via Joe's heritage tempted with proper trend-setter Charlie. Father and son on fire I'm hoping. Then maybe Mr.Start to 'compare'. It is all about the fabrics first. Realise you on freaking tenter hooks out there, but do your best to remain poised. What do you fink? Defo gonna do a titfa, no? Fellas? Anyone?

Fetch me the bolts men. I feel a three piece coming on. More, as, and quando.

Stubbs out.