Morning Style Fundamentalists. I'm bleedin' stuck. Spent whole day at keyboard yesterday and achieved nought. "Dear Editor- I've completely naused it. Again.  And I am so, so sorry. I've left my writing application unit floating off the coast of Stintino". I really am naused. Calmly, honestly, naused. Regardless, it's a new day and tried to get my remaining mechanisms going by reading Swellboy on HTSI (click). A dangerous tactic as Foulkes flows like no-one else, and his prose could solicit a totes-seizure. Could also go the other way. We'll see. Regardless, its a jolly excellent little piece on accessory colour-tactics inspired by his fondness for the illustrator René Gruau and his lesser known men's style illustrations (click). Indeed they are inspirationally chic.

This fella looks like A.A.Gill but slimmer. Brilliant. Now am mentally pincered between all star copy merchants Foulkes & Gill. Its all can do to stop self ordering prints to go in front room that is to be decorated in Farrow&Ball (click) Prussian Blue. That orange would look marvelous, no? And so the procrastination begins.. espressso anyone?

Stubbs out/under it badly.

PS. Thanks Nick. Outfit sounded like a chukka-stopper. Do you know the old expresssion 'Camper than Dick's Hatband' by the way. Its used in Camp Polari on occasion, and it comes from a line John Wayne, of all people, once said.