Afternoon Sports-Casualists. Tonal, summer casual things went off yesterday for The Observer with O'Leary. He's was on form and I'm pleased all round with style roster, piece-highlights did include Sunspel, Orlebar, Sauvage and Car Shoe, backed up at the wrist by TAG Heuer. Sauvage's Suede jacket is good, no? Shown off particularly well from this take from the retrospective look at Blow-Up we're planning, working title Blow-Offs.

M.O.T.T. in Sauvage in Blow-Up

NB. The new small black Monaco Automobile Club of Monco (ACM) Heuer is dead good I have to say. Seen it, written about it, now used it in shoot and it works really well. It's a chic, sleek little fella, neat and compact and cool. It's a bit sexy. You know me, I'm a Monza guy, but am just saying. This here kettle is double smart.

The ACM on holiday earlier this Summer.

How To Spend It out today, The Sharpener is all about sports jacket style, and not a peasant in sight. Do have a read about Valextra; their top boy throws his brief case down the hall to demonstrate how good their new suede is, as covered on S&E in January (click). If only all luxury houses behaved like that, we could stage a sort of luxury Dragons Den/Its A Knockout each week with the International CEOs pitching their stuff like they mean it. I'd watch. Actually I'd like to host it. Luxury CEO Stance Off. Meanwhile, I'm out polishing my knob on the new decking. Saturdays eh?

Knobs on.

Just fitted these Victorian guys to the French Windows. Only took me 11.5 months. What a household dynamo. Is actually quite significant. Don't worry, am actually gonna decorate too, but thought would wait till everthing nailed up in place first like a mood board in your living room. Ask The Russian about Monaco when you see him. He's well out of The Metropolis. Too far out of radio contact to place our fabric order before Italy closed.. more of The Russian's sartorial affairs next week. It's been Buckley, Drake and Black Slate in Clapton, but blow-me, its over to O'Leary on BBC Radio 2 right this minute. Dont drop the ball kid, we're on a roll...

Stubbs out.

Stubbs out.

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