Evening Pastel Fans. Doing Matey Off The Telly for The Observer magazine tomorrow. Have called in clothes and everything, in the manner of a stylist. Couldn't get hold of this jacket though, which would have been bang on.

Not doing suits. Nope. Doing something light and casual. Got all the new pastel marl Sunspel sweats, a Sauvage suede bomber, a boot load of Car Shoe shoes, some top Orlebar tops, some special items from Alberto Moretti, perhaps, and reckon am in shape. Got four nice kettles too, so stand clear false pretenders and parking attendants alike, am loading up the Saab. Roof off, singlet on. Oh.. the hot wind tonight felt good in a singlet I have to say. Also, answered the door to about 23 couriers today in 8cm Speedos too. Not fair, but necessary. More about what happened with the Russian in Shoreditch later in the week.

Stubbs out.

PS. Holding some Nick Tentis moves as back up too.

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