Evening Fabric-Fanatics. Writing on deadline, so naturally am compelled to not only procrastinate, but to 'grasstinate' myself up too story wise. Or maybe Loden-self off. I'm digging this new foresty fabric and colour scene. Loden is suddenly everywhere. Its the pulled pork of fabric. So unaffected by fashion trends- yet still a trend- Thats fashion these days- in denial and undercover of itself. Regardless of terminology, what have these two coats and this shoe got in common, hmm?

Bally 'Loden' leather parka AW13

The clue is in the name, rather obviously,  but not in mood for being cryptic. There's 'Loden' fabric and colour interpretations all over bleedin' menswear for this coming season. Autumn. A non-compelling concept on a sunny day, as ever. Loden is the dense, Austrian/German wool fabric with a mossy, mottled, dense, robust yet luxurious feel. Its a German thing.

Fratelli Rossetti Loden leather Derby shoes AW13

German thing aside, everyone is at it. The Bros. Ross' above for example, and this is smashing coat is from Rake. Saw it yesterday out of the blue. They showed it in blue at LC:M, but green was a revealtion. Lovely stuff Rake men.

Rake 'Loden' & suede overcoat AW13

I could go on, but I am supposed to be writing not doing scoop revealations, am I. Got loads more loden. Stay tuned. Actually, just go out for a spell- I would.

Stubbs out/under cosh.

PS. Artur, my P.A.* came round, eventually after laying the guilt on him pretty pretty heavily, and the shed got cropped. We forced it in under the fire escape , all nice and flush. Its an asymetric shed now. Anyone give a monkeys? If so, I shall post an image at some point.

*Personal Albanian- everyone should have one.

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