Morning Style Merchants. Good weekend was it men? This is how am planning to live my week. It probably wont work, but its a starting point. The hat slant is doing it for me- ideal for a Lido visit (and a bald patch).  My take on it might well feature a singlet. Singlets are key you realise?

Lido shuffler.

Simply gotta be listening to this while wearing it, obviously. Hello Beach Girls! is from 1977, and if you listen you can just hear the fierce angry raw of Punk played out on the blocks in percussion. Oh, actually, you cant hear anyting of the sort. Christos Tolera is a strong protagonist of the singlet. He does it so well- Circus Strongman style.

So been wearing singlets as much as possible since it dawned on me that the Summer is here for only a short time. Sunspel striped ones are good, but have gone from site, another reminder season is flying past. Black and white remain (click). Best worn with a smart pant for correct effect. Sure it can look a trifle 'Old Irisih labourer rests outside pub' if you happen to be resting outside a pub with a half of stout, but hilarity and harsh reality are often the result of stylistic indeavour, no? The L.M. reported she was 'quite tense' around the idea of jacket removal singlet scenario while we were out. I say, never mind embracing ones inner old man, live the old-man dream. Four of us old men went out Friday night for Vietnamese food  and really got our old-man on. We ate four 'Outlaws'* at Mein Tay on Kingsland. There's a shot on Twitter where I have no teeth apparent at all. Later we were at The Kings Head members luxury pub and resturant also on The Kingsland Road. Not sure about that gaff at all. They've spent some serious wedge on it, but it lacks many things. The people looked all, well, like they'd gone West for starters and not a singlet-man among them.

Stubbs out.

Stubbs, Tolera, Holden shot by Walters.

* Outlaw Josey Wales- Quails (click)

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