Alright Style-Fanatics? Hope so, we're on a sartorial high over here in the East as The Little Russian managed to place his Ariston fabric order with tall Charlie Casely Hayford, before Napoli shut up shop for the Summer. It was quite a reach for him, broadcasting all the way from Clone-stival where he was revelling with his children, but he got a smoke signal through that meant 'yes' in the end, the surf-hippy. Anyway below is a snap of the fabric we were all so double on-tenterhooks about: The Ariston cashmere/silk blend in this wonderful ivory, warm marble hue. Not really slubby or raw in anyway, not open, but almost like a fine, light marble, sort of. Like a big marble ashtray viewed through a Vaselined glass coffee table perhaps. Regardless, it's dead special and the picture of the swatch is pretty rubbish. Maybe  I should...

..actually its not nearly as marbled as this, but thats the mood it puts one in. Ariston are from Napoli (click). From their fabric bolts I think, they are exceptional. Like I said, mills are the new stars of style. The big players in our game- sure team Casely Hayford are utterly key, but its Ariston that we're all doing back flips over, tall Charlie included (metaphorically, obviously). Back in the Nineties people cared about tits and denim looms, then in the Naughties it was pocket squares and restaurants, now its mills. Havent thought of the other bit of that pairing yet.

We're wanting a generous swooping peak lapel and we're certainly going three pieces. Cant find much reference I like at the moment to show, which is a shame. Still, there's this fella below, with great shirt collar reference.  We've gotta go and see my boy Nash at Emmett shirts today or we miss another threatened last orders in Italy. And they wonder why the economy is not so calde at the moment, eh?

Carlito's lapels.

Interesting that we're chasing Nash, as thats what appeared to be happening in Shoreditch last week. We visited the Redchurch Street emporium where Charlie Casely-Hayford operates MTM from on occasion: The staff of Hostem were dressed as Crosby & Stills, with full beards, old waistcoats, boots, the lot, plus more than a pinch of Pilgrim Fathers about them in the form of two massive, dark, Snufkin/Childcatcher hats. Waiting for Nash in massive hats, beards, long hair. All they need bless 'em was Nash and The Mayflower and they'd have been out of that shop like a shot.

Crosby & Stills: Waiting for Nash. Again.

Anyway, double work presh is about to descend. Calling the Balearic Russian, we need to get you into Nash today, no messing! Nash is the only one who can complete the circle right now (make us the right shirt that is).

Stubbs out, unt Ich liebe dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht

Ich liebe dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht

Ich liebe dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht

Ich liebe dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht

A-ri-ston. A-ri-ston. A-ri-ston. His jacket has an interestingly low notch, no?

Just for old times sake..

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