Morning Bed Poseurs. Am off down The British Museum to get some definitive words on where pyjamas originated. Am compelled to do so for my research into the best things to lounge about in at home. Pyjama bottoms and singlets surely for evenings right now? Turnbull&Asser have firmly directed me towards India. I've already got this on the subject:

"Portrait of Sharaf al Daula, Nawab of Lucknow, smoking a hookah, holding a flower in his left hand, seated on a terrace under a canopy. Hidayat Khan bends over the Nawab communicating with him. Two attendants, Imam ud din wearing a lilac turban and Muhammad Wasif holding a morchal stand behind the Nawab"

The luxury credits continue. "Five seated courtiers clothed in transparent voile jamas over multi coloured pyjamas sit behind Sharaf al Daula. Tahmas Khan stands to the far left. A group of ladies, probably nautch girls and musicians, dressed in costume of transparent high waisted jamas worn over churidar pyjamas sit and stand on the far right awaiting instructions to start their performance."

Talking of performance, interesting how Bryans already doing matinee idol while the rest of the Roxy Music are in glamrock biker bondage mode, the drummer in a Fred Flintstone style singlet.

I'm putting on a Breton singlet and peddling to the musuem. But first must go to London Fields Cycles to get the Pashley sorted out a bit. While I'm there, might as well go in the Lido. Then the museum. Bloody deadlines, they're a killer. I've got some great pyjamas to tell you about too. Later on, yah?

Stubbs out.