Afternoon Indoor Idlers. Been researching pyjamas. Found some awfully smashing ones. Brand new, slimmer work from top, Brit-pyjama players Derek Rose that will report on shortly. They've a particularly lovely handle, even 'dreamy', as Sacha Rose described them. The temptation to leave the work, slip 'em on and slip off completely is soporifically tangible. But for now, sat out on the patio, am pondering the Chapmans 'Garden in Hell' printed Louis Vuitton evening pyjamas.

My Gardening Hell print by The Chapman Bros., Louis Vuitton AW13

Firstly, are they something a man should be coverting while in repose (especailly with what else on offer). Secondly should rebellious hell raising artists The Chapmans be in cahoots with luxury super power LVMH at all? I guess their wedge is as good as the next persons it turns out, (the bottoms are £990, the shirt is £1, 440 btw) . Great print in certain ways, Vuitton reckon they're using in the maxi-manner of Diana Vreelands interior designs, but I've found better pyjamas for actual stylistic reasons sat out here with the Coal Tits. The black facings not particularly elegant, surely? Still, they have an impact, and this sort of visual language on the runway has got to more interesting than other ideas of subversion. The 'evening pyjamas' are all anyones talking about in certain circles. Certain ones I must stress. Gotta get permission to break my own pyjama press umbongo (click) on the Rose front, but will do when finished this pesky work thing. NB. I never promised you a rose garden. To paraphrase Partridge, "Lynn, call Fern Cotton and tell her thats my final offer, then for God's sake woman, smile for a while and lets be jolly."

Stubbs out.

PS. Never made it to the Lido nor the British Musuem yesterday- pure fantasy.