Morning Cut-Fanatics. Got sent this Oliver Sweeney film shot around the question "What does sartorial mean to you?". It means tailoring. Its not really a debate. Perhaps 'about tailored looks'. It comes from the Latin word Sartor that means tailor. Open and shut case I'd say, but in typically of the modern day fashion industry a load of not-quite sure what they're talking-about-heads bang on what it might imply to them. Funny stuff, them spouting half-thoughts and walking round slowly like they're in The Long Good Friday. The long lunch break before half day closing Bank Holiday at the Champion round the back of Arcadia, more like. Phil Green from Topman pulls it round nicely by not talking tosh, smart lad. Quite like the Blue Grass music in background too- it reminds me of bits of Performance, the Nick Roeg film. Perhaps we should ask Chas what sartorial means to him? "Putting a little stick about"?

"Putting the frighteners on flash little twerps" maybe? This lot aren't flash, and there's a bit good style here on the young 'ens. Makes you realise how popular this idea of this tailored dressing is. Alot of the suiting is Topman, and fair play to them and the boys. It also makes you realise how the arse could fall out of this 'sartorial' trend just like that- once things are saturated by the populus. Everyone will have to go round in Armani, hating the Row. Like they did throughout The Eighties.

The Video reminds you of something else though. Dont speak to every video camera lense/mic that gets thrust your way in the name of style& fashion. London Collections:Men is rife with it. "What do you think of LCM so far?" Nothing. I've been to one pony runway show about layering and chiffon, and a pant presentation. I think nothing. Thats the thing I say. What's the other thing I say?"

"At the death, who's left holding the sodding baby?" Quite Mr.Flowers.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis on a non-sartorial Pashley.

Chas oversees a re-fit of The Champion

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