Morning New Jersey Swingers. Not got time to bang on so I shant. Yeah, yeah, yeah pyjamas are critical and that, but they're a winter thing. A slightly depressing concept. Anyway, they only really work stylishly as bottoms in tandem with a singlet. Thats my answer to everything at mo'. I can think of little else I confess. It could become an issue. Strictly singlets. Wearing a white one now. Sunspel Q90 with stretch (click). Might investigate other brands, but frankly the 'Spel are doing it for me. It's obviously linked to the summer which is ebbing away. Maybe should get out more, that would prevent some singlet-overkill. Right now am on doing one a day. Cameo get through dozens during this video, which  makes me feel considerably better. Singlet Guys clap your hands. This was 1985, where matching turquoise jumpsuits and singlets were an achievable thing. In 1998/9 also went through singlet spell. Calling them 'wife-beaters' back then, but dont now as that term has entered such common parlance they even say it on the X-Factor, the death knell of culturally suitable reference points. Prada track suits and CK white ones was the look. Chloe sunglasses too I seem to remember. Anyway, think wife-beater only applies to white ones. Lets say 'vest' for a bit. Brando's Stanley wore a vest in Street Car Named Desire. But then again so did the original Mr.Muscle (who went on to wear a sleevless plunging V-neck T shirt before becoming animated). There's quite a world between the two men in which to carve your own vested interest. Thats it. Am off for pastry. Another legitimised vice. They'll be having a go at coffee next, the fuckers..

Stubbs out.

Brando in 'wife-beater' and co-resondents, and Hollywood.

Mr.Muscle in singlet, pyjamas and kitchen.

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