Afternoon Postal-Shirkers. Have I mentioned how keen I am on having a superior letter knife to hand? Good shoe horns are practical essentials, and a man needs a least half a dozen, but stylish letter knives are essential luxuries, and one can never have too many. I thought my collection was looking pretty respectable, then this happens, from L'Objet (click). Shit-the-desk this stuff is super-diverting, no? Brass, 24k gold and enamel. Opening PCNs never felt so exotic.

Leopard opener: Letters pray.

Simply loving L'Objet's leopard collection. Odd how one finds self so damn inadequate straight out of the blue. There's jade ones too, but for now, let's push the big cat envelope. Meanwhile, no inadequacies in evidence yesterday when Artur and I sawed my bike shed into shape to fit under a fire escape. Asymetric cutting? Yamamoto, eat your heart out. My plan was to remove the roof like a lid, cut the side down from measures taken off the stairs and simply replace, just like shortening the sleeve and shoulder of a recent amputee's suit jacket. Just for the record, They said it couldn't be done. They know who they are. One of They is now out in Bangkok plating Chic-Boys right now, but I hope you're reading this in between bouts. Bloody Nay-Saying-Theys.

Shedding inhibitions.

Look at accent on that roof. You don't get that sort of verve down Gardener Haskins. Now the shed's moved, its like the patio goes on forvever. So content with a white flat peach and a pot of calming camomile tea. (Calming? Try having 8 pots and I’ll show you freaking calm!). Anyway, gotta dash; gotta go out on my Pashley and pick out Matey of theTelly’s outfit for Sir Elton's do on Monday. That’ll be a hoot. Take it away The Bunnymen..

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

PS. Still on deadline over here, hence the blog post, peaches, letter knife research, and cycle ride to town, but hell I simply love cutting it fine.

PPS. Big shout out to the Harbinger of Deadline Doom. Loving your work Camilla, velvet glove, iron fist etc.