Morning Indian Summerisers. Following on from Friday's lunchtime exchange, the lads get up to leave, Karl declaring,  “I could recognise a Cifonelli shoulder from a distance of a hundred metres!” Well, it might not have actually been then, but he defo did say it.

Cifonelli make Alexandre Krafts three piece. (no wonder he looks so pleased permanently)

I however couldn't, I admit, so am on a mission to correct my ignorance. The suit cycle of creations on Cifonelli's site (click) might help us get up to speed. There's alot to find out about, as they've been at it from 1880 in Rome, now based in Paris. They also cite English influences. They've got it covered, so I've also dropped 'em a line, but not gonna be on a Cif-tip today. Today am cycling in to town to order bespoke and MTM work from four tailors for Matey off the Box. It's that time again. I am very keen on a D.B. vest at the moment, like the one above. Grand, quite fancy, slightly reassuring Derby wise, and unusual too. Spencer Hart did a smashing one for M(offthe)B last season, so might go again. Keen viewers will remember that I ordered one from Casely-Hayford for the Balearic Russian too. Or maybe I didnt tell you that yet? That would be keen. Also seeing Rake, and Nick Tentis today. Perhaps Crombie too. Fancy some snaps later?

Gonna wear something suitably unsuitable for the cycling. Avant garde cycling looks can be risky on many levels in deep Hackney, but if you can make it past Amhurst, you're almost home and dry. Meanwhile, setting one's 'out of office' just now, one notes there ain't much time left. Long live the Indian summer.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.