Morning Print Merchants. Following the theme of music-enhancing-colour-mood, first switch activate  The Greg Foat Group. I got into Foat via Radio 3's Late Junction-best radio progam anywhere bar none. Girl & Robot With Flowers is suitably gentle but with little swerves and moves built-in. Nice for August, no?

Almost certainly not gonna go with this tie for The Balearic Russians big wedding ceremony in September, but there's something suitable about it for the man in question. Meeting him today at Pilgrim Father central, AKA- Hostem, for first proper fitting with Charlie Casely-Hayford. Bring it.

Almost certainly gonna go with solid, raw slubby raw silk tie, in a warm colour, and then do the pattern in the pocket square. But for now, forgive my fruity suggestions, am just fronting (click) (similar riff in places, no? Funny little Hobbit head wobbling chap). I've got more. Wanna see? Some of these just might be off the popular internet auction service people are talking about so much. Bid against my fruity/tropical Hermes interestes? I freaking dare you.

Am also slipping by Present (click) on Shoreditch High Street to pick up a large consignment of shorts by Willam.Fox&Sons. By large, I mean quite a few pairs, not massive shorts, obviously. They're also good in patterns. A pattern appears to be emerging.

Stubbs out.

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