Afternoon Cloth-Touchers. Put on Linus & Lucy's theme*  before you go further, it makes things even more stylish. There's a YouTube version with the cast of Peanuts dancing to this, but not whole tune (click). It's the perfect music to consider fabric to. Lively, on its toes, but with plenty of flare.

Pink mood set, look at this, the Ariston cashmere/silk against the Thomas Mason Albini Royal Twill.  Chernin, Nash and I picked out this week at Emmett on Jermyn. I, am, loving those two together. The fabrics that is, not just the Persian/Rusky juxtapose. What do ya fink? How opulent, chic and gorgeous is that combo gonna be? Going for evocatively named Soprano collar style.

Now gonna consider vintage pocket squares, Pucci or Fendi perhaps, corespondents shoes, perhaps, and some serious ties. Slubby silk or vintage pattern? Couldn't tell ya at the moment, but I can reveal that am double excited about this look. First proper fitting early next week, stayed tuned Fabric-Freaks.

Note to self: Must try hard not to search for pocket squares now- deadline and that pending..

Stubbs out.

*by Vince Guaraldiby.