Afternoon Style Fanatics. Chernin's nuptials hurtle towards us. Lucky he looked like this on Friday in Hostem in Casely-Hayford suit. Look, there's 'little'* Charlie in the mirror admiring his sartorial work. Thrilled with this suit, he's done a wicked job. Styled it a couple of ways, but reckon this might be it.

Emmett pink shirt with Soprano collar. Emma Willis silk/linen slubby tie. Anderson&Sheppard cotton lawn cocoa polka dot from the Dabberhashery (click). We'll be doing gold cufflinks. Think vintage looking amber battons. Need a nice gold chain too, with a gold locket, in which we can place a picture of Chernin back-in-the-day. He can check this at various points during the ceremony if he wants to.

Insider branding- Earnest Pilgrim Father slips past with lap top.

Does actually say Balearic Russian inside now, so that means its simply must be true. He's currently legging it round the Metropolis getting the sleeves of the shirt reduced slightly, arent you bearded man?

Also says Casely-Hayford, and Ariston, as thats where the gorgeous cashmere silk blend came from, innit. Such a sophisticated fabric, cant get over it. The cut of the coat and all the lines on the collar/lapels/vest are terrifice. Charlie nailed it in almost one go- seriously good practical tailoring. Now its all about the shoes. Five days and counting. What on earth am I going to do?

Stubbs out.

* is 6'5"