Afternoon Garmophiles. This E.Tautz overcoat is hanging on the back of my cellar door. For London Collections Men link to their AW13 show (click) as its not on their site yet, naughty Tautzy. In the gloom (austerity chic gloom) it looks like a black felt body-bag. The gaff is full of overcoats- its almost overkill, but put it on and its apparent what an exceptional piece it is. Seriously Patrick, you've smashed it out of the outerwear park with this one. Its made from Storm System® woollen fabric, black, felty, and lustrous-ish on the outside, with a dull orange waterproof membrane bonded to inside. Feels like a technical, matt oil skin, only nice, , all for £1,070. Its an elegant totes rain and stain barrier.

E.Tautz AW13- If only you could see me.

It's like a cross between what a Shaolin monk would wear on a fishing trawler and Armani's American Gigolo coat with no buttons or fastenings showing. Patrick Grant, Director, told me this when I put that to him:

"Its inspiration was actually an old polo coat, cut by old Mr Granger in the English style back in the 1970’s (so definitely of an equivalent vintage to the earliest Armani). It’s a coat that his son Nicholas, from whom I bought Nortons, wore often and I greatly admired. Ours has been stripped bare of all the detail but the shape and the simple belted close is true to the original."

Rather suitable for London's sudden bleak outlook today, no? Message received loud and clear, loud and clear, the Summer is over. Can't remember wanting one to end less frankly. Slap me down, but maybe it's because I'm a patio man now? Anyway, E.Tautz have shown us a way to go as the nights draw in. The coat draws in nicely with a special belt and strap system. There's a navy one too, but no song/mood goes quite as well, this maybe (click). Well done all round. Mozza? You there?

Stubbs out.

PS. If the rain is getting you down, consider Permanent Style today on how to re-patinate your shoes toes and other smooth shinny areas (click). All comes up all lovely with some buffing and a dab of dubbin. Keep up the polishing.

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