Morning Style Merchants. Awfully sorrry if been being too odd or cryptic, or perhaps not having an obvious point, but this isn't my job. Its notes and thoughts one carnt voice elsewhere, Roger? Right now its a moving holding page if you like. Am holding on by the seat of my Orlebars to keep up at mo'. The Madres is up North West in The 'Pool, and she's not awfully comfortable, and its distracting me from banter. Regardless, tonight gonna be turning self out like below, in fully blown McQueen, complete with plastic face. I carnt smile 'till its done correctly, then white out. Presenting a Savile Row- McQueen customer event tonight in their shop. Serious stuff as is seriously formidable brand and offer we're gonna be chatting about. Its gonna be some sort of a Row-rush for sure. Yo! Bum rush the Row.

McQueen AW13

Ritchie Charlton is the head cutter downstairs. I know him from The Mighty K and from Haywards on Mount Street. He's tweaked my DB just nice, I hope. So much McQueen tailoring stuff to talk about. Seen the bespoke evening wear for this season- blow me its like couture- utterly breathtaking lines. Bravi all at McQueen for that. There's more, and more of that as and when am not running round the race track. Shaun. Any advice...?

Stubbs out.